Hero Donors

It is with great honor and privilege that Nacogdoches Women’s Services has the opportunity to work with our surrounding communities to facilitate the receipt and distribution of donated breastmilk to save the lives of medically fragile babies. One ounce of donated breast milk can equal three feedings for premature NICU babies. We appreciate our hero donors!  Those who are interested in becoming donors can start the process by calling MMBNT’s toll-free number, (866) 810-0071. For more information about Nacogdoches Women’s Services, call (936) 305-5277.

674 ounces of donated breastmilk on its way to Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas! Thank you Chelsea Lewis, Brittany Sanchez and Kinnie Reina!
Thank you Rebecca for donating 124 ounces of breastmilk to our donation depot for Mother's Milk Bank of North Texas! If you need to make room in your freezer, bring us your excess stored breastmilk!
Thank you Sarah! Your donation will provide 1,200 feedings to premature NICU babies!
Thank you Kristin Reese for donating your extra 504 ounces of breastmilk to help nourish premature babies in need of that liquid gold!
Thank you Lauren for donating your extra breastmilk! 69 ounces will provide 23 feedings to premature NICU babies! Wow!
Thank you Savannah for your generous donation of breastmilk for NICU babies in need!
Thank you Jesse Ellis for donating 30 pounds of liquid gold!
WOW! Thank you Joann Fuller for donating your extra 312 ounces of breastmilk for babies in need!
Shout out to our shy pumper who dropped off 300 ounces of liquid gold! Thank you! Only ONE ounce of breastmilk provides 3 feedings for premature infants. As a donation depot for Mother's Milk Bank of North Texas, we will gladly accept any excess stored breastmilk. Call us at (936) 305-5277 to find out more!
Shout out to Courtney Davis for donating your stored excess breastmilk for NICU babies! Thank you, thank you!
Thanks to Brittany Sanchez for donating 600 ounces of liquid gold to help premature babies get the nutrition they need! (And husband John for dropping off!)
Thank you so much to Emma & Harrison who shared 369 ounces to the Mother's Milk Bank of North Texas!
Kelly became our very first milk donor, providing 181 ounces of nutritious breastmilk to babies in need! In the two years since, we've had countless more donations from generous mothers. That breastmilk eventually gets shipped to Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas in Fort Worth, where it is pasteurized and shipped to critically ill infants in hundreds of hospitals. Thank you to all who give!
Thank you Tiffany for donating your 255 ounces of extra LIQUID GOLD for premature NICU babies!
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