Though producing breast milk is natural, the act of breastfeeding is a learned skill for both you and your baby. Because of this, the advice you receive from family and friends can often lead to confusion and conflict. Simply put, we are all different, and there is no universal “one size fits all” solution to your breastfeeding experience. This is where Nacogdoches Women’s Services can help. Our team of International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs), Certified Breastfeeding Educators and Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) are here to provide individualized support and counseling.

If breastfeeding is part of your parenting plan, we want to get you and your baby off to the best possible start, and we will support you through every stage of nursing.

Individual Prenatal Lactation Counseling
If you are having questions and concerns about breastfeeding ahead of birth, we understand. Our lactation specialists can evaluate you ahead of your baby’s birth to help prevent any potential problems or issues that may interfere with the breastfeeding experience. We are also here to simply listen and address any questions or concerns that you may have about breastfeeding.

In-Hospital Mother/Infant Lactation Evaluation & Counseling
One of the goals of Nacogdoches Women’s Services is to make you feel confident in every step of your breastfeeding journey. Before you leave the hospital, we will check in on your breastfeeding progress and if needed, offer advice on latch technique and proper positioning.

Postpartum Lactation Mother/Infant Problem-Solving & Counseling
Our team of lactation specialists at Nacogdoches Women’s Services are here to provide expert advice in a compassionate and caring environment. If you are experiencing issues with breastfeeding or simply need reassurance, we are here for you. Our postpartum lactation counseling can help answers questions, correct or resolve issues such as:

  • sore nipples or painful latch
  • low milk supply
  • slow or poor weight gain babies
  • evaluation, treat and help prevent mastitis
  • pumping and going back to work
  • safe mama/baby led weaning

Breast Milk Depot
For our mothers that have more than enough milk for their baby. We also have a thriving breastmilk depot for mothers that wish to share with their milk with medically fragile babies. This milk is donated and shipped to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas in Fort Worth, Texas.

We want you to feel confident about breastfeeding your baby, and we will work with you to create a breastfeeding and/or pumping plan that fits your lifestyle and needs.

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