In-House Ultrasounds

From gender reveals to preventive care, ultrasounds are just one of many focused prenatal, professional obstetric and individualized women's health care services available in the comfort of our private office.  We strive to create a relaxing environment for testing and monitoring for both mother and baby. Whether searching for a gender reveal, assessing growth or evaluating risk, our experienced ultrasonographers will work with you for a gentle and personal experience to connect visually with your baby. In addition to traditional 2D ultrasounds, Nacogdoches Women’s Services is capable of 3D/4D imaging. These high-quality images create unique opportunities for bonding with your baby. The best time for a 3D/4D ultrasound is 28-35 weeks, but we are happy to show you your little one both before and after that ideal date.

2D Gender 
Starting at 16 weeks: $50

Best between 28-35 weeks: $75

Sneak Peek
Just want to see your baby? Come take a peek! (established patients only): $753D 4D Ultrasound

Vea a quién espera con una ecografía 3D/4D - una de las muchas prenatales enfocados, obstetricia profesional e individualizados servicios de atención médica para mujeres disponibles en nuestra oficina privada.

Ultrasonido de Género
Comenzando a las 16 semanas de embarazo: $50

Entre 28-35 semanas: $75

Solo quieres ver a tu bebé?
Llama para una cita. Se ofrecen a cualquier etapa del embarazo: $75

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