Marcia Nelson, MS, RN, CNM, IBCLC

Marcia "Marcie" Nelson has been the fearless director of Nacogdoches Women's Services since 2017. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Texas Woman's University and a Master of Science from Stony Brook University. She became a certified nurse-midwife after completing a postgraduate program at Baylor College of Medicine. Marcie began her certified nurse-midwife journey in 1986, after serving as a registered nurse for six years. In the years since, she’s worked with several practices and has taught in various universities.

Marcie prides herself in delivering the first certified nurse-midwife-assisted birth at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital on March 3, 1991. When asked what her favorite thing about her job is, she says she loves working with mamas and babies so it doesn't actually feel like a "job." She's married to Scott Nelson who sees children at Head Pediatrics (they make a great team!) and they both have two grown children, Emma and Lyle. She delivered both of her children at home and both were exclusively breastfed.
Fun Fact: Marcie is a Native Texan and an 8th generation Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT)
To schedule an appointment with Marcie call (936) 305-5277.
Master of Science (MS), Stony Brook University, New York, NY, 1996
Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM), Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, 1985
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Texas Woman’s University, Denton/Houston, TX, 1980
Director, Nacogdoches Women's Services, Nacogdoches, TX, 2017-Present
Private Practice, Lavender & Lace Birth and Women's Health Services, Nacogdoches, TX, 2012-2017
Faculty, Stephen F. Austin State University School of Nursing, Nacogdoches, TX, 1989-1990, 2012-2017
Heartbeat Pregnancy Center, Nacogdoches, TX, 2011-2013
Birth & Women's Center, Dallas, TX, 2011-2012
Clinic Director, University of Texas Medical Branch, 1991-2011, Retired
University of Texas Health Science Center, 1990-1991
Certified Nurse-Midwife, Maternal Child Specialist, University of Texas Medical Branch, 1986-1989
Staff Nurse, Jefferson Davis Hospital, 1983-1986
RN, Staff Nurse, The Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX 1980-1984
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